Powerite Pal Unique Underwater and Aquatic Lighting System
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The Powerite PAL Unique Lighting System is a unique Australian Made & developed Underwater Pool & Spa Lighting System and Aquatic Lighting System.

Now with the one Low-Voltage light fitting all outdoor lighting techniques including underwater applications can be achieved.

Utilising new space age moulding materials it has been possible to produce a compact light fitting with unique features that are not currently available from any other pool or spa lighting product. The Powerite PAL can be installed underwater, in the ground or as a landscape light in any garden setting to be a real "PAL" to the landscape architect.

The PAL operates from a SAFE 12V Supply and fully complies with IEC 598-2-18, IEC/AS/NZ 60598.2.18 (Underwater lights IP X8), UL 676 listed (E239438) and CE certified.

PAL-2SP Underwater Light with Dress Ring PAL-FR Low Profile Aquatic Light



  • Compact Size. 60% Smaller than normal pool lights. Only 84mm Diameter.
  • Flush Fit to Pool Wall. Other lights protrude off the wall.
  • Even Light Distribution. No other light has a flexible moulded prismatic lens.
  • Side Light Feature. The end shadow effect common in other lights has been eliminated.
  • Long Life Lamp. Fitted with new extra bright 10,000 Hour 12V Xenon lamp.
  • No Tools Required to remove the light from the water. All other lights do.
  • Fully Approved Product. Approval No. CS6867N (Light) and N12432 (Transformer). UL Listed (E239438).
  • Patented Self Aligning Wall Mounting System. Allows 15° adjustment.
  • Non Leak Water Seal. No polycarbonate that cracks used in the water seal.
  • Flexible Lens absorbs pressure increase due to the expanding air when light is operated.
  • Encapsulated cable terminations ensure no external cable or water seal deterioration due to heat.
  • The PAL also has a range of "Clip-On" coloured lenses. Blue, Green, Red & Orange.
  • Short Circuit Proof IP64 Transformer. A fuse is not required to protect the light.
  • Can be remote controlled by optional Powerite FM Radio Control Systems.
  • Optional Colour Lock LED Globes. Can provide 6 fixed colours, 2 colour effects and 3 Selectable Start Colours.
  • Made and Designed in Australia.

The Powerite PAL Aquatic Lighting system can provide the Landscape Architect with one competitively priced product to carry out most outdoor Lighting Techniques.

There is a range of "clip on" coloured lenses in blue, green, red & orange to adapt the PAL to any lighting effect.

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